Top 5 places to enjoy seafood around the world

Seafood, a cuisine that can’t be missed. Superior seafood is fresh, concoct with supervision, and seasoned greatly. Seafood can be eaten raw, grilled, or baked, there are hundreds of ways to devour it.

The world is very big with many countries and cities that have their culinary specialties and cuisines. Some specialize in one and other in another. The very best seafood is often than not found near the coast and foodies can confirm it in the first byte, if the fish they are eating is fresh or not.

We are here with the list of top five places in the world known for its seafood cuisines.

1. Tokyo, Japan


It’s a world-renowned fact that the best place to eat Shushi is Tokyo. The raw fish is prepared with utmost care and precision. For any seafood lover, Tsukiji Market is in Tokyo is an ultimate culinary paradise. The restaurants here usually open from 5 a.m. You will find fresh and processed both kinds of seafood there. Tsukiji Market was closed on October 6, 2018, and it was moved to Toyosu where it reopened as Toyosu Market.

The best seafood restaurant in Tokyo are Tsukiji Shushisay Honten in Tsukiji, Kaikoya in Shibuya, Shushiryori Inose in Shinagawa and Shushitomi in Chou.

2. Palermo, Sicily


Sicilian food is some of the most unique in Italy. The local food culture is heavily influenced by its past. Here you will find the food you won’t find anywhere else. Delicious octopus and snail from the market and mouth-watering seafood pasta are just some of those. The recipes and the method of preparing the seafood are influenced both by European and North African culture. Sea urchins and Sardines are specialties there that are caught right of the coast.

Some of the top seafood restaurants there are Assettati, Maudralisca, and Bitta Ristro.

3. Bangkok, Thailand

Pad Thai Noodles- Bangkok
Pad Thai Noodles- Bangkok

Bangkok is truly heaven for seafood lovers. The scene of seafood is on a different level. They are not playing when it comes to variety and size. Trust us, the size of the seafood they serve there is huge. The country has many water bodies to catch seafood. From Padthai Noodles and Hot & sour prawn soup to Jiant Lobster Tom Yum, everything is just super delicious.

Some of the top restaurants include Riverside Terrace, Fikeaw Yao Wa-Rat, and Ministry of Crab.

4. Nova Scotia, Canada

Fish and Chips - Nova Scotia
Fish and Chips – Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is settled on the edge of Canada. Foodies visit Nova Scotia for its World-renowned seafood cuisine. You also get to experience boats leaving in the morning and return later with catches. How many times you get to see how seafood reaches your plate. You can have the freshest fish and other seafood spread without breaking a sweat. Local favorites in Nova Scotia are Atlantic Lobster and Digby Scallops. Authentic Nova Scotian Style Seafood chowder and fish and chips are very popular in the Halifax area.

Top seafood restaurants in Nova Scotia include Seaside Shanty in Chester Basin, The Half Shell Oysters & Seafood in Lunenburg, and Oh My Cod in Mahone Bay.

5. Santiago, Chile


Located on the west coast of South America Chile is an ideal place to visit for seafood lovers. The seafood spread there is just amazing as fishing has a huge industry in the country. They export many types of fish all around the world. Santiago’s Mercado Central which is one of the largest markets in Chile is also a historical landmark famous for mouth-watering seafood and other traditional Chilean dishes. The diverse geography of this country and long coastline helps a lot in this regard. Fried seafood Empanadas with shrimp, Chilean abalone, and mixed seafood are local favorites.

One of the great seafood restaurants in Santiago is Aqui Esta Coca, Pinpilinpausha, and Ocean Pacific’s.

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